FOREST GROVE, Ore. — The caretaker at a Forest Grove cemetery is cleaning up after a weekend crime spree in late November.

"It's disturbing," said Randy Ince.

Ince has worked at the Forest View Cemetery for more than 25 years. 

"I love my job," he said.

What Ince does not like is what he was alerted to on Nov. 24. Ince says two teenagers walked around the 17 acre cemetery and knocked over headstones. They caused about $5,000 worth of damage.

"It amazes me," said Ince. "I don't understand it."

Of the 19 headstones that were pushed over, two of them broke. Ince says fixing them will be difficult.

Headstones damaged at Forest View Cemetery
Headstones damaged at Forest View Cemetery
Mike Benner, KGW

"There's just no granite to be had," he said. "I can come close to matching it but it's not available anymore."

Ince says another problem is tracking down families connected to the vandalized headstones.

"Most of them are on their face so I can't read them and they're so old chances are there's no family left."

Ince is left feeling a deep sense of sadness. He is also in disbelief and frustrated.

Randy Ince surveys the damage
Randy Ince surveys the damage
Mike Benner, KGW

"There's no reason for it whatsoever," he said. 

Ince says more than 10,000 people are buried at Forest View Cemetery. More than 1,300 of them are veterans.

"This should be a sacred ground."

A spokesperson for the Forest Grove Police Department tells KGW the two teens suspected in the vandalism were captured and could face a number of charges including criminal mischief.

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