DONALD, Ore. – Some cattle got free and very close to Interstate 5 traffic before being corralled away from the freeway into a livestock trailer Thursday morning.

The cattle escaped through an open gate, according to cattleman Grady Johnson.

“ODOT contractors left the gate open all night long, and cows are gonna find holes," said Johnson.

An ODOT spokesperson acknowledged that the gate may have been left open by a contractor working in the area, and if so, it was sorry it happened.

A bull, two cows and their calves owned by Johnson escaped overnight and generated at least eighty 911 calls from concerned drivers. Some of those called stopped to help.

“Fortunately, they were all in one spot, had some help from truck drivers and whatnot that stopped, they help corner them so we could get them through the fence and on the other side,” said Johnson.

Fortunately nobody was hurt, on the freeway, or in the corralling of the cattle. But as Johnson put it, it made for an interesting morning.

“Just chasing cattle along the freeway doesn’t always go too easy we got lucky today,” said Johnson.