A North Portland woman says her doorbell camera captured someone putting a bag of dog poop in her mailbox.

“I was pretty irritated,” said Christina Daley,” who discovered the poop bag and video at her home in the St. Johns neighborhood.

According to the video’s timestamp, the unidentified woman approached Daley’s door at 8:50 a.m. Saturday morning. The woman in the video appears to ring the doorbell. She waits for a bit, then puts a bag in the mailbox. Daley said she doesn't recognize her. 

“I'd like to know why she did it,” said Daley, adding that it couldn't have been because of anything her two dogs did.

“If we do have them outside, they're always at the dog park and we're responsible dog owners,” said Daley. “If they do go to the bathroom then we pick up after them.”

Daley filed a police report and posted the video on social media.

“I just asked, ‘hey does anybody know her?’”

According to police, what appeared to happen to Daley is against the law.

“This is a crime and the suspect can be arrested for Criminal Mischief,” said Portland Police Officer Carlos Ibarra. “I have not heard of any other reports in the St. Johns area.”

Daley said there were other things the woman in the video could have done with the poop bag.

“Maybe put it in my garbage, you know we could have a conversation about it,” said Daley. “But in a mailbox, I think it's gross, especially if my mailman's going to put his hand in there. I feel bad for him.”

Daley said she doesn't want the woman in the video to get arrested. She just wants her to get the message.         

“Super not cool what you did,” said Daley. “Don't do it again to anybody.”