PORTLAND, Ore. – Large crowds arrived and departed Portland International Airport on the Friday before Christmas.

About 63,000 travelers were expected to move through the airport on Friday, on the busiest days at PDX of the holiday season.

Airport officials recommend arriving early for flights, and packing appropriate items to keep TSA lines running smoothly. The lates on parking, flight times and TSA rules can be found at flypdx.com.

KGW found travelers going to Juneau, Orlando and France. And most seemed in good spirits, despite the heavy bags and at times long lines.

“We are going to Orlando for a cruise for Christmas, a Christmas Cruise, Yay,” exclaimed a father and daughter in the TSA security line.

We also found people arriving to visit family and friends in the Portland area. And others returning home from early celebrations.

Like a family of about a dozen people, from young to older, who went to Disneyland.

“We decided we have enough material items and we decided to make memories for our Christmas time. So the whole family, all of our four children and their children went to Disneyland and had a ball,” said Shauna Redman.