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KGW Rewind: 1992 NBA Finals Blazers vs Bulls 28 years ago this June

Michael Jordan gave his perspective on the ESPN documentary "The Last Dance". Now see Rip City's take the last time the Blazers were in the Finals.

PORTLAND, Oregon — June 1992. The Portland Trail Blazers had just beaten the Utah Jazz to win the Western Conference title. The scrappy team from Portland then went on to the NBA Finals for the second time in three years, and played the red-hot Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan had just won his first championship the year before. 

But if you watched ESPN's documentary "The Last Dance," you might feel like the Bulls brushed Portland aside easily. The series was tied up going into Game 5. 

We dug through the KGW tape archive from 1992 to show you how the Rose City got behind their Blazers and the Hammer pants and big hair got us to Game 6.