PORTLAND, Ore. -- A bill introduced in the Oregon House of Representatives would ban the use of alcohol on the state's public beaches.

House Bill 3441 would make it a crime to possess or consume alcohol, or to possess or discard "an alcohol container or any glass bottle designed to contain a drink or beverage," punishable by up to 30 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,250.

Currently, drinking alcohol is allowed on Oregon beaches for people 21 and over.

The bill's chief sponsor is Rep. Janeen Sollman (D-Hillsboro). It's also sponsored by Sen. Mark Hass (D-Beaverton) and Reps. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland), John Lively (D-Springfield),  Sheri Malstrom (D-Beaverton), Susan McLain (D-Hillsboro) and Phil Barnhart (D-Linn/Lane counties). 

“HB 3441 resulted from a request from a constituent, who’s spent years watching immense amounts of glass and alcoholic containers get scattered across our beaches," Rep. Sollman told KGW. "He brought the idea forward to my office."

This is a safety and environmental problem," she said. "As a mom, I want my kids to be able to be safe at the beach, and not have to worry about buried broken glass or other preventable hazards."

Sollman said the bill is modeled after similar bills in other states, including California. 

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