DETROIT, Ore. -- A motorcyclist crashed into a black bear on Breitenbush Road near Detroit on Sunday afternoon.

The driver was injured and flown to a hospital for medical treatment. The extent of the driver's injuries are unknown currently.

The bear died at the scene.

A motorcyclist who wished to be identified only as Will came across the crash. He told KGW, "from what I heard about the rider he has a broken leg and a broken ankle. Lots of road rash."

Will was on a bike ride with a daughter and friend. He wants to remind other motorcyclists to wear protective clothing when riding.

This story will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

"Please use this incident as a reminder to be careful while driving in the rural area as well as camping and hiking, as we frequently have wild animals of this nature sharing space and our roadways with us," the sheriff's office said in a prepared statement.