PORTLAND, Ore. — All four Bales and Lamb's Thriftway stores are closing according to workers at the stores.

The Oregonian reported that the longtime independent grocery store chain, which initially said it would be closing two of its stores, will be closing all four.

The Garden Home Marketplace and the store in Lake Oswego will both be closing in November. 

Employees at both stores said they were made aware of the closings on Tuesday.

"This store is really a part of the community and the neighborhood and you always see someone up here that you know and people have worked here for a long time," said long-time customer Mary Hinckley. "It has the post office, an award-winning bakery, a lot of stuff."

And Hinckley wasn't the only customer disappointed.

"Yeah I’m sad I’ve only been coming here for two years but my husband has been coming here forever," said Sally Weissinger. "I know it’s a corporate thing and I’m not big on corporations but this doesn’t feel like that and I feel really bad for the people who are losing their jobs."

Linda Palin echoed the same sentiment.

"You get a familiar place you like to go to and there are certain stores that have a feeling to them, well that's a bummer."