Many great organizations have humble beginnings, like their parents' garage. The Northwest Association for Blind Athletes is no different.

Ten years ago Billy Henry and five friends wanted to start a power lifting team. So twice a week they met in Billy's parents' garage preparing for their first meet. Billy and his friends went to that meet and not only set national records for visually impaired power lifting, but they laid the groundwork for an organization that now helps over 1,500 people across four states.

The Northwest Association for Blind Athletes mission is very simple: build confidence and provide those who are blind or visually impaired the skills, tools and resources to be successful. They provide these tools through camps, competitive teams and life programs built to support the visually impaired through all areas of life.

What Billy has found is that participation is sports is just a vehicle for delivering what many people who are visually impaired are missing: the confidence to get out and enjoy life.