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Sandy warns residents after another cougar sighting reported

The most recent sighting comes days after a cougar was spotted on camera roaming through a Sandy neighborhood.

Editor's note: Video is from a previous June cougar sighting in Sandy

SANDY, Ore. -- The City of Sandy issued a warning after another cougar sighting was reported on Monday night.

The sighting was reported at 8:30 p.m. in the 39000 block of Pleasant Street. Sandy police, assisted by Sandy Fire, searched the surrounding wooded area with heat detection equipment but did not locate the animal.

Oregon State Police and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife were notified, the city said.

Monday’s sighting comes days after a cougar was spotted on camera roaming through a Sandy neighborhood.

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The city said the cougar reported Monday night could be the same one seen in the video recorded last week.

Although there have been numerous sightings, there have been no reports of aggression.

“The increased frequency of these sightings in town are of concern and are being taken seriously,” the city said.

Anyone who sees a cougar is asked to call the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office at 503-655-8211 or 911 if it’s an emergency.

What to do if you encounter a cougar

ODFW has the following guidelines:

  • Cougars often will retreat if given the opportunity. Leave the animal a way to escape.
  • Stay calm and stand your ground.
  • Maintain direct eye contact.
  • Pick up children, but do so without bending down or turning your back on the cougar.
  • Back away slowly.
  • Do not run. Running triggers a chase response in cougars, which could lead to an attack.
  • Raise your voice and speak firmly.
  • If the cougar seems aggressive, raise your arms to make yourself look larger and clap your hands.
  • If in the very unusual event that a cougar attacks you, fight back with rocks, sticks, bear or pepper spray, tools or any items available.

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