SHERWOOD, Ore. -- A Sherwood businesswoman donates half the money she makes to help animals.

“I paint it for paws,” said Carolyn Ackerman. “The response in Portland has been overwhelming.”

Since October of last year, Ackerman has donated $30,000 from her painting jobs to rescue groups and local veterinarians.

“Vets know if they have someone come in who can’t pay, they call me. I’ve established medical funds at several offices.”

Ackerman has her own menagerie of pets.

“Four bunnies, two guinea pigs and my dog named Bear,” she said. “We live very simply in a renovated garage so I can help as many animals as possible.”

“We think of the animals as our third employee,” explained Kat Kress, the company’s operations manager. "We get our payment from a job and they get theirs.”

Carolyn and Kat paint interiors, exteriors, fences and furniture.

98 percent of their customers are pet owners who appreciate that a fresh coat of paint can mean a fresh start for an animal.

“One of our bunnies got her teeth fixed thanks to Carolyn,” said Mary Marvin of Rabbit Advocates. "She’s really making a difference.”