SALEM, Ore. -- For the second time this week, someone in Oregon has spotted a deer walking around with an arrow in its body.

This time in Salem.

Jeremy Jahn has seen the deer multiple times over the past month. He says the deer “has a little bit of a limp but it does move around and eat.”

Jahn called Oregon State Police and they sent two troopers to check it out. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says they’ve known about the deer since November.

A hunter called them and said he’d shot a deer but couldn't retrieve the arrow or find the deer. ODFW plans to go out next week to try to remove the arrow from the deer.

Earlier this week, ODFW removed arrows from two deer in Southern Oregon that had been shot with arrows illegally. They say those deer have a good chance at survival.

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Deer 1_1525033559031.jpeg.jpg
One of two deer found in southern Oregon with arrows shot through their bodies. (Photo: Oregon State Police)