PORTLAND, Ore. – Three baby goats made their debut at the Oregon Zoo on Wednesday.

And you may already know one of them. Ruth, a Nigerian dwarf goat, went viral last week after the zoo posted a video on its Facebook page of her adorably jumping around.

“She’s tiny but mighty,” said Tanya Paul, who oversees the animals at the zoo Family Farm. “Even though she’s the smallest, she’s definitely the leader of the group. She’s very playful, spunky and daring.”

Ruth is joined by Elena and Sonia, a pair of floppy-eared Nubian goats. The trio were born Jan. 20 at a local farm and adopted by the zoo. They receive bottle feedings and around the clock care, officials said.

“Each of these little ones was born into a set of triplets,” Paul said. “Often, in these situations, mom is not able to provide all her kids with enough nourishment, and in some cases they are rejected outright. We’re very glad we could raise them here at the zoo.”

You can visit Ruth, Elena and Sonia at the Family Farm area of the zoo.