PORTLAND, Ore. -- Alaska Airlines, Southwest, and other airlines have again pre-canceled Portland flights in and out of PDX. There were more than 120 canceled flights Friday by noon, for the day.

Many of flights are regional hops around Northwest airports.

Deicing a plane takes about 20-25 minutes. But some passengers described waiting in a plane on the runway for 3 hours yesterday, as crews tried to de-ice it, before the pilot returned it to the building. Ice was too dangerous to get off the plane off the ground.

Veteran Ken Saich had to sleep on the floor Thursday night. His flight to Medford was canceled Thursday. Ken got to the airport at 10am, and waited, hoping to re-schedule. It never did. Friday, 24 hours after, his family was able to pick up him up.

"Frustrated," he said. "I'll never fly again! I flew a lot when I was in the service . But I've never had to wait this long."

Some passengers told KGW their flights were on time, until the very moment they tried to check in at the counter. Then, the flights were canceled. Some returned to hotels for the day, hoping to try again the next day.

Alaska is offering refunds and waiving its charges to change flights scheduled through Dec. 9.