PORTLAND, Ore — Some good news for drivers and cyclists.

A road in Northwest Portland that's been closed for more than two years reopened Wednesday.

A newly built retaining wall along Northwest Newberry Road is keeping the road and hillside stabilized.

A section of the road between Highway 30 and NW Skyline slid back in January 2017 after heavy rainfall. It has taken more than two years and about $2 million to make the repairs.

Multnomah County needed to get the work done before summer when another highly-traveled road in the Northwest Hills closes.

"The big thing is that in July we're going to actually close Cornelius Pass Road for 13 weeks and Newberry will be our main detour," said Multnomah County spokesman Mike Pullen. "We're going to actually put in a temporary traffic signal where Highway 30 and Newberry connect."

The county will be softening some of the hairpin curves along Cornelius Pass and making other safety improvements this summer. That road will be closed from July to October.