PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland activist groups are planning to stand together and rally against President Trump’s threat to end the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program, known as DACA.

Reports out of Washington on Thursday indicated the president may put an end to the Obama-era program, but the White House says no final decision has been made.

The DACA program allows undocumented immigrants to live, study and work in the United States without fear of being deported. Trump campaigned against the program, and has vowed to do away with it, but after he was elected, Trump took a softer approach to DACA, saying the so-called “dreamers” shouldn’t be worried because “I do have a big heart.”

Some are speculating that Trump may end the program, but allow recipients to stay in the United States until their permits expire.

Oregon supporters of the DACA program, like Karla Langlois of Milenio.org, say ending it would be devastating to families. They say they plan to come together to show their strength and solidarity against a cancelation of the program by the president.

“When we stand together, we know that anger and none of those things are going to make a difference. What’s going to make a difference is our actions and our persistence to change what has to happen in Congress, to change what has to happen in the White House,” said Langlois.

Trumps threats to end the DACA program have led to fear in some of the people who are registered, and doing away with DACA will be devastating to innocent people, Langlois said.

“The White House and President Trump has been able to use this fear to not let us know what decisions they’re going to take. Fear is something that is just inhumane. Inhumane to give to individuals when you don’t make a decision.”

Milenio.org is planning a news conference and rally Friday, Sept. 1, at Pioneer Courthouse Square to oppose any move by the President to end DACA. Then, on Sept. 5, the group will join with several other groups to oppose the President’s threat to DACA at the Terry Schrunk Plaza, across from the Federal building in downtown Portland.