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PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Public Schools is giving hundreds of students a chance to learn about free speech Wednesday by sending 750 high school students from six schools to Seattle, for a special viewing of "Hamilton", the award-winning musical.

The trip to Seattle was planned in advance of the national walk-out day, however some students say it’s fitting both are happening on the same day, and student still plan to participate in the protest.

“We do plan on doing a moment of silence, or we do plan on doing something,” said Junior Breely Buttitta. “We are going to figure it out tomorrow.”

She’s one of the hundreds of students who will see Hamilton, thanks to a special matinee viewing in Seattle, meant specifically for students in Portland and Seattle.

Before the Hamilton performance, some Portland students will get to perform their own songs and poems in front of the audience. The cast of Hamilton will also come out on stage, to speak with students.

The opportunity to see Hamilton is completely paid for by the The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation, which paid $75,000 to make this a reality for students.

“It’s so nice to go. We are learning about stuff like that in class,” said Junior Marley Zook. “It’s amazing to get this opportunity to go see it on stage!”

“I feel like it’s a very big honor and I’m glad Roosevelt was chosen,” said Junior Mindy Jeffries. “We are the most diverse school in Portland.”

Wednesday, students will board buses at 5:30 a.m., to make their way to Seattle. They will return home in the evening.