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KGW Carpool: Lisa Schroeder of Mother's Bistro

We dished about a lot more than her restaurant!

PORTLAND, Ore. — I took a driver with the owner of Mother's Bistro, Lisa Schroeder. She's a good Jewish mother on a mission to feed Portland, but I asked her what feeds her soul.

We dished about a lot more than her restaurant! 

She told me about the great love that's getting her through great loss. Her beloved daughter, Stephanie, died tragically in a hiking accident in 2016 leaving behind four children. Today, Lisa is helping raise her grandchildren - twin 6-year-old boys and their teenage siblings. 

She talked about the kids' resilience, but I was also able see hers! She's authentic, vulnerable, formidable -- and funny. 

And one more thing - she was surprising! She went there when I asked about her "guilty pleasure." You'll see the wheels turning as she weighs whether or not to answer! 

I'm so glad she did. 

Buckle up. Here's a full, extended version of our interview: