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Why is the number of women working in cannabis declining?

The number of women in leadership positions in the cannabis industry is declining.

Morgan Romero

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- America’s cannabis industry is just in its genesis with brand-new opportunities emerging over the last few years as marijuana legalization spreads.

It's a big business and as it blooms women have the opportunity to jump in on the ground level and bring equity to the field.

Women have played a key role in the booming business of cannabis in Oregon. The number of women in executive roles in the state is higher than the national average.

But the number is in a steady decline.

A number of Oregon businesses are making a concerted effort to focus on women as employees and consumers. Still, women are finding themselves in fewer leadership roles as traditionally male-dominated business structures and funding snafus find their way into the cannabis business.

But one Portland-based program is dedicated to ensuring women lock down the dollars they need.