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Scammers hack Facebook accounts of deceased users to steal your information

Scammers are hijacking the Facebook accounts of people who have died in an effort to steal your personal information.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Patrick McDougall was jarred by a Facebook notification a few months ago.

"And it said, 'Steve McDougall tagged you in a photo on Facebook.' You know, he had been dead for four years," said McDougall. "The logical brain is saying this isn't real. There's the other side of that says, 'Whoa what just happened?'"

McDougall said someone had taken over his brother's account and tagged more than 40 people in a Ray-Ban sunglasses sale post.

Security experts said the post leads to you a fake Ray-Ban site where scammers hope you buy counterfeit products, so they can steal your credit card information.

"People are clicking, people are going to the sites and buying sunglasses and the scammers are making money," said Kerry Tomlinson, a cybersecurity reporter at Archer News.

Tomlinson said the scam is rampant on Facebook right now.

"So once the bad guys get into one company like LinkedIn, they will take the password on that account and use that on all those other accounts and try to get in," said Tomlinson.

Tomlinson said people should memorialize the account of a love one who has passed away. Something she helped the McDougall family do for Patrick's account.

"You can memorialize the account, then you get more protections for that account so scammers can't get in and do a lot of damage," said Tomlinson.

For more information on how to memorialize an account, click here.

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