PORTLAND, Ore — The state agency responsible for worker safety is investigating a rodent infestation at Dollar Tree store in Northeast Portland. 

Employees complained that they’ve been getting sick with nausea, lightheadedness and headaches after being exposed to dead mice, rodent urine and droppings.

Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration said it has received three complaints from workers at the Dollar Tree in the Lloyd District.

Employees said the Dollar Tree hired an exterminator, but workers were asked to clean up the dead rodents, urine and droppings without proper protection.

Oregon OSHA could not provide additional details of an active case, citing Oregon law.

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The Dollar Tree store in Northeast Portland shut down last week after a KGW investigation found evidence of a rodent infestation. KGW discovered ripped food packaging, chewed food labels, rodent feces on shelves and even a dead mouse inside the Lloyd District store.

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In response to KGW’s inquiries about food safety issues, the Oregon Department of Agriculture sent two inspectors to the Dollar Tree store. Store managers agreed to close the business temporarily. It is not clear when the store will reopen.

Last week, Dollar Tree provided the following statement, “The safety of our associates and customers is our first priority, and we take situations like this seriously. We have closed our store and are working with pest control services and contractors to completely resolve the issue.”

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