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Medical kidnapping or saving her life? A 13-year-old with cancer is caught in the middle

An Oregon parent finds that her right to control her daughter's medical care has limits

PORTLAND, Ore. — Kylee Dixon is stuck between the state and her mother. Did the state "medically kidnap" her or was her mother just expressing her medical freedom?

To read Kylee's full story, click here.

Kylee Dixon's mother, Christina Dixon, turned to alternative medicine to treat her daughter's liver cancer when she felt the chemotherapy was too much for her daughter.

Now Kylee is in protective custody and Christina says she is being investigated for child neglect after using CBD oil, herbs, and other vitamins to treat Kylee's liver cancer.

Christina’s supporters call the state’s decision to take custody of Kylee “medical kidnapping.” It’s a term that’s become common in communities skeptical of traditional medicine when authorities take drastic measures to provide medical care they see as essential. 

From protective custody, Kylee recorded a YouTube video asking for help.

“How is this fair for me?” asked Kylee Dixon in a YouTube video published on April 18, 2019.

“Nobody fights for me besides my mom. I'm begging you to please help. Help me have a normal life... thank you so much and have a blessed day." 

And she shuts off the camera.

The future for Kylee is still uncertain, but you can read her story here.

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