PORTLAND, Ore. — More than a hundred Woodlawn Elementary School students in NE Portland recently enjoyed a morning with their moms and mother figures for the annual Muffins with Moms event.

“We’re new to the school and immediately we could feel like there was this very strong sense of community here. These events, I think that what must be the special glue here,” said Rachel, a mom of kindergarten twins.

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Principal Andrea Porter-Lopez sets up several similar events throughout the year, including Donuts with Dad held at the school a few weeks earlier, as a way for parents to spend time with their children at school.

“This is named Muffins with Moms and after the second year, the moms were like, wait a minute the dads get donuts! So this year we did a blend of muffins and donuts,” said Porter-Lopez.

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Some students, like fifth-grader Cameron Green, love the one on one time with mom.

“Cameron is my only girl, she’s definitely my only girl so I love these moments. It’s a fun time to spend time together” said mom Ashley Green.

“This Muffins with Moms was the best one, out of all the years,” said Cameron.

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