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Inside Woodlawn: Changing behavior with yoga and gratitude lessons

Inside Woodlawn Episode 4 looks at all the ways Woodlawn teachers help kids be the best learners they can be, from yoga to gratitude lessons and 'WOW!' cards.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Episode Four of “Inside Woodlawn” looks at different ways the counselors and teachers at the Northeast Portland elementary school get their students in the right mindset to learn. 

That’s not always an easy task among a group of easily distracted elementary students.

Some days that might take the form of a calming yoga class between the math and writing lessons. Other days that might be writing a “gratitude” card to help kids express their emotions.

One of our major goals in spending a year at Woodlawn was to show what happens in the school beyond academics. Ask the counselors and administrators and they’ll tell you these techniques – known in the education world as “social emotional learning" – have helped drastically improve behavior and raise test scores.

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About Inside Woodlawn

KGW is spending the 2019-2020 school year at Woodlawn Elementary School, telling stories of the staff, students, and community through the series “Inside Woodlawn.”

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