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Inside Woodlawn Extra: Future self day

From pop stars to police officers, students at Woodlawn Elementary got to dress up as their "future selves" during Spirit Week.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Students from Woodlawn elementary school had the opportunity to dress like their “future self” during spirit week.

“It brings out everybody’s personality and gives a clue to who they are. It gets people closer by knowing more about their friends,” said third-grader Abagail.

The students were encouraged to dress like the professionals they hope to be when they grow up. Students dressed as chefs, singers, video game developers, teachers, nurses, firefighters and a principal.

“I want to inspire people. I want people to know they can be whoever they want,” said fourth-grader Dallas who dressed as a pop star.

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About Inside Woodlawn: KGW investigative reporter Cristin Severance and photojournalist Gene Cotton were granted remarkable access to spend the 2019-2020 school year chronicling life inside Woodlawn Elementary School in Northeast Portland. Their reporting offers a rich view of how teachers, administrators, school staff and parents overcome many challenges to serve students. Join us as KGW News goes Inside Woodlawn. Please follow our year-long series on YouTube, Facebook and by using #insidewoodlawn on Twitter and Instagram.