PORTLAND, Ore. — The state of Oregon released statewide assessments for 2018-2019 and scores were down across the board.

Students from 3rd to 8th grade and 11th graders take these tests to measure if they’re on track with the skills they need for college or the workplace.  

According to the scores, only 40% of students tested in Oregon were proficient in Math and 53% were proficient in English Language Arts.

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The data for the three largest school districts in our area shows 45% of Portland Public School students have mastered math, while 53% of Beaverton School District students were proficient in Math and just 33% of students in the Salem-Keizer School District received high enough math scores. 

Colt Gill, Oregon Department of Education Director, cautions families to keep these scores in context.

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"These assessments do not measure or reflect the breadth of student learning and well-being in our schools. They do not measure the ability of students to think critically or analytically, use technology effectively, understand civic responsibility, or demonstrate the personal management or teamwork skills we know are vital for lifelong success,” said Gill in a statement.  

The one category where the numbers went up was the number of kids taking the assessment, 1% more students took the test this year.

“It’s important to note that more students are participating. The higher the participation, the more data we have to identify areas of statewide need,” said Gill.

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