A Florida man relinquished his legally owned AR-15-style rifle to authorities to make a point that no one other than law enforcement should possess that type of firepower.

Ben Dickmann posted photos of his trip to the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Tamarac, Florida, where he turned in his AR-57, a caliber variant of the AR-15.

Dickmann, who describes himself as a “responsible, highly trained” gun owner, said no one without a law enforcement badge needs this type of rifle.

“I enjoyed shooting this rifle immensely but I don’t need it,” Dickmann said in a now-viral Facebook post. “I have other types (of guns) I can shoot for the same enjoyment.”

The Facebook post has garnered more than 60,000 Facebook reactions, 30,000+ shares and numerous comments both supporting and disagreeing with Dickmann’s stance on the gun.

One commenter said "Love this!!!" Meanwhile, another called him a "Typical snowflake!"

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This Facebook post comes days after a gunman opened fire with an AR-15 rifle on students and faculty members Wednesday at a Parkland high school in South Florida. Seventeen people died, marking the deadliest high school mass shooting in modern U.S. history.