LAPINE, Ore. -- A man is facing a charge of criminally negligent homicide after shooting his hunting partner with an arrow Monday morning in LaPine, Oregon.

At 7:40 a.m., 52-year-old Michael Pekarek called 911 and said he had shot his hunting partner with an arrow while they were bow hunting. Pekarek followed instructions from the dispatcher and administered CPR on his partner, 45-year-old Jeffrey Cummings, until police and medics arrived.

Cummings was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pekarek and Cummings were hunting about 6-7 miles east of Highway 97 when Pekarek saw a mule deer on the side of the road. He got out of the vehicle with his bow to attempt a shot, but the deer moved out of sight. Pekarek turned with his bow facing Cummings and released the arrow, which struck Cummings in the stomach. After trying to help Cummings, Pekarek called 911.

Pekarek is being held at the Deschutes County Adult Jail on one count of criminally negligent homicide. The investigation is ongoing.