BROOKINGS, Ore. -- People who live in Brookings are evacuating their homes due to the growing Chetco Bar fire. The town has been described as a war zone.

"The only reason that my home is still standing is because my dad dumped 500+ gallons of water on it. With his own little fire truck...two hours before it all went up in flames," says Katrina Thompson-Upton.

Photos: Damage from Brookings fire

Another concern for residents is air quality safety. Patricia Foht said smoke from the fire has been lingering for more than a week.

"Several people already have had respiratory breathing trouble, myself included," Foht said. "Listening to the scanner I have heard people, especially the older like me with asthma, it is hard to remain under this heavy smoke for days on end."

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Ashley Amirhosseini also sent in photos of the destruction.