TUALATIN, Ore. — Many people are worried not only for adults who vape but especially the huge number of teens who do.

Statistics from the federal government show the number of teens who vape has doubled in just the last couple years. One local high school is trying to make sure parents know the warning signs.

The associate principal at Tualatin High School, Kim Holden, wants to educate parents at the school about vaping and what vaping instruments look like.

Holden has created a poster board filled with different vaping products, some that they have confiscated from the students. She puts it out when ever parents come by school and says it’s been helpful. Its a visual reminder of just how closely these products resemble items like lead holders for automatic pencils and highlighter pens.

Holden says kids are smart and they know how to hide the smell of what they're doing.

“In nearly every single backpack where we find marijuana products, or some sort of vaping product, we find a cover.” Holden said parents should keep an eye out for covers like perfumes, body spray, eye drops, and chewing gum.

Another thing to look out for is fruity cannabis oils or tobacco.

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The school resource officer said he finds these products every week. 

“There have been times that we pull vapes off kids every day,” said Officer Brian Miller.

“We are continually trying to stay ahead of the curve and research, but frankly it’s difficult”, Holden said.

Another things she's trying to stay ahead of, kids using Coricidin, a cold medication that can be bought at grocery stores. She says kids are taking it to get a high. This year, one of her students was even hospitalized because of it.

Holden's advice to parents: don't be afraid to go through your kids' things or their backpack.

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