PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland woman with a 25-year drug habit today helps other women recover from addiction.

Her new life has lead to a new look courtesy of a Portland business.

“I had terrible scars on my face,” remembered Amy Simpson, “damage I had done to myself with excessive picking.”

With $600 from her tax return, Simpson went to Portland’s Skin by Lovely.

“She had such deep scarring. I didn’t want it to be a reminder of her old life every time she looked in the mirror,” said Co-Founder Lovely Laban.

For a year, Simpson went for monthly treatments.

“We had to break up the scar tissue with a needle and then inject a filler to help the skin pop up so it appeared smoother,” explained Laban.

The treatments totaled about $15,000 but Simpson will never be billed.

“I see the confidence she now has when she looks in the mirror and with confidence comes success,” said Laban.

“It looks better all the time,” added Simpson, “I can now focus on my eyes and smile.”

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