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Here's which Oregon universities and colleges are requiring COVID-19 booster shots

Here’s a look at where Oregon’s public universities and some of the state’s private schools stand on booster requirements.

PORTLAND, Ore. — All seven of Oregon’s public universities require COVID-19 vaccinations for students and staff on campus. Of those seven universities, Oregon and Oregon State have publicly announced a booster requirement. Some of the state’s private schools, such as the University of Portland, Willamette University and Lewis & Clark College, have also announced that they will require boosters.

Here’s a look at where Oregon’s public universities and some of the state’s private schools stand on booster requirements.

Public universities and colleges

Eastern Oregon University (NO): EOU has no information about a booster requirement on its website. In its latest update, dated Dec. 17, the university writes that it is "closely monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, and continue working with local and state health authorities to respond appropriately." More information here

Oregon Institute of Technology (NO): OIT does not have a booster requirement, but on its website, it says “it is strongly recommended that each vaccinated person receive their COVID booster shot before returning to campus” for winter term. A spokesperson for the school told KGW in an email that its "COVID response group will continue to monitor the Omicron variant and information from the CDC and OHA." More information here

Oregon State University (YES): OSU announced Dec. 28 that it would require COVID-19 booster shots for students and staff when they become eligible during the winter term. More information here

Portland Community College (NO): PCC doesn’t require vaccines and is not requiring a booster. "We strongly encourage vaccination and have hosted and will host further vaccine clinics to provide opportunities to get vaccinated for our students and staff. We've implemented many health and safety programs to keep our campuses safe for the few students and employees that are on campuses currently," a PCC spokesperson told KGW in an email. More information here.

Portland State University (NO): PSU is encouraging students and staff to get COVID-19 booster shots but is not requiring it at this time. More information here

Southern Oregon University (NO): SOU is encouraging all of its students and employees to get a booster as soon as they’re eligible to do so. On its website, SOU writes that booster shots are not yet required, "but it is our intention to require them once the CDC updates its definition of 'fully vaccinated' to include the original vaccine dosage plus the booster." More information here

University of Oregon (YES): Oregon announced Dec. 20 that it would require all students, faculty and staff to get a COVID-19 booster shot as soon as they are eligible to receive one. The booster shot requirement must be met by Jan. 31 or 30 days after a person becomes eligible. More information here

Western Oregon University (NO): WOU is encouraging all campus community members to get a COVID-19 booster shot if eligible but is not requiring it at this time. A spokesperson for the school told KGW in an email that the topic is on the agenda for WOU's next COVID-19 Safety Committee meeting on Monday, Jan. 10. More information here

Private universities and colleges

George Fox University (NO): On its website, George Fox states that it strongly encourages students and employees to get vaccinated, but is not requiring vaccination. The school does not have a booster requirement. George Fox's website states it will "continue to monitor this international health situation in a measured and proactive way." More information here

Lewis & Clark College (YES): The Lewis & Clark website states that before returning to campus in January 2022, "all members of the Lewis & Clark community-students, faculty, staff, and employees of our long-term, on-campus partners-are required to get a COVID booster shot as soon as they are eligible." More information here

Linfield University (NO): Linfield requires that all "students (full- or part-time), employees, volunteers and employees of campus-housed contracted vendors ... are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19," according to its website. In a Jan. 3 update posted to its website, Linfield said it recommends "the full vaccine series plus booster" for all students and employees, but it is not requiring the booster shot at this time. In an email to KGW, a spokesperson for the university said that the school's "stance on 'full vaccination' is being kept in-line with what CDC and OHA have adopted. If there is a change to including the booster, our requirements would likely be updated. It could change before we reach that point, and the conversation is continuing at both Linfield campuses." More information here

Reed College (NO): According to its website, Reed requires all students to be fully vaccinated. Faculty and staff at the school are required to report their COVID vaccination status to the college or complete a weekly COVID-19 test on campus. Reed states on its website that while it "strongly encourages everyone to get a booster COVID-19 vaccination once they are eligible, the college does not currently require it and is not tracking booster vaccinations at this time." More information here

University of Portland (YES): UOP announced Jan. 4 that it would require COVID-19 booster shots for all individuals returning to campus for the spring semester. The university said boosters should be completed within two weeks of a person’s eligibility date based on their original COVID-19 vaccines and has set Feb. 1 as the final deadline. More information here.

Willamette University (YES): On its website, Willamette states that it is "requiring all eligible faculty, staff, and students to receive a COVID booster shot by February 1, 2022." The university said it will "require that all students, faculty, and staff submit proof of booster vaccine status." More information here

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