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What you need to know about COVID-19 vaccines in Oregon Thursday

State leaders expect a greater supply of the COVID-19 vaccine. That's good news for getting people vaccinated quickly, but there could be logistical challenges.

How to get a COVID vaccination in Oregon

As of March 1, everyone in Phase 1A and groups 1-5 of Phase 1B is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Oregon. That includes:

  • Health care workers and first responders
  • Long-term care residents
  • K-12 educators and school staff
  • Childcare providers
  • People 65 and older

The sign-up process for COVID-19 vaccination in the Portland metro area changed again on March 1. Rather than hundreds of thousands of people scrambling to find thousands of appointments, eligible people will be notified when a dose is available for them. The state will use the information people have submitted at the state's Get Vaccinated Oregon tool as an invitation system. The names of eligible people in the metro area will be gleaned from the Get Vaccinated Oregon database and their information will be sent to the state's partners at the Oregon Convention Center, one of Oregon's mass vaccination sites.

Latest COVID-19 vaccine news

OHA estimates 300,000 vaccine doses could be administered a week, if supply allowed

President Joe Biden is pushing hard to get hundreds of millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine out across the country to fight the virus. In Oregon, state leaders think the president's push will bring a total of 200,000 first doses a week to the state by the end of March -- a 60% increase from the current supply. But it’s one thing to get more shots. It's quite another to figure out how to best use them.

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New study finds COVID-19 antibodies in breastmilk of vaccinated mothers

For new moms, getting the COVID-19 vaccine might come with a few concerns. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers weren't part of the vaccine trials. But a new study conducted in Portland is looking into how nursing moms might pass COVID-19 antibodies to their babies after the moms get the shot. 

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Safeway, Albertsons pharmacies receive COVID vaccine. Here's how to make an appointment

Starting Thursday night, eligible Oregonians could reserve appointments to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at local Safeway and Albertsons stores. The grocery chains just received shipments of the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine. There will be 200 appointments available per store starting Friday morning. 

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Vaccine clinic in Washington County helps communities of color access COVID vaccinations

Washington County is trying to get vaccines to those hardest to reach through multiple community clinics. As the county gets more vaccine, it will open more first-dose clinics. The county expects to vaccinate 5-10% of the population, mainly through vaccine clinics for people who don't have great access to health care systems and pharmacies. 

The county is working with community partners and focusing on equity to provide vaccines to those who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, including the Latinx and other BIPOC communities, as well as those experiencing poverty.

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Nearly 366,000 Oregonians fully vaccinated

On Thursday, the Oregon Health Authority reported 24,014 more doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered. A total of 1,043,609 doses of the vaccine have been administered out of the 1,341,775 that have been delivered to sites across Oregon. Nearly 366,000 Oregonians have received at least two doses of the vaccine.

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Washington surpasses 5,000 COVID deaths, looks ahead to increase in vaccine supply

On Wednesday, Washington state surpassed 5,000 COVID-19-related deaths during the pandemic, health officials said. This week, the state will receive about 360,000 vaccine doses, including 60,900 doses of the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine, from the federal government.

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