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3 things you need to know Tuesday

Oregon's vaccination sign-up process still problematic; fisherman who died on Oregon Coast remembered for big heart; new product helps with COVID-19 disinfection

Vaccination sign-ups still problematic as 206,000 more Oregonians become eligible

Across Oregon, more than 200,000 people aged 70 to 74 became eligible for COVID-19 vaccines yesterday. But being eligible is not the same as getting a shot, especially in the Portland area where many are eager for the vaccine. KGW spoke to multiple people who tried to sign up for a vaccination yesterday. They all ran into glitches on the website that kept them from getting appointments despite being able to see available times. Noeleen Conway, who tried to get an appointment yesterday, called the process a "nightmare."

In other COVID-19 news:

  • Last week, student-athletes at Sam Barlow High School found out the school had opted out of the season because the district wouldn't be offering limited in-person instruction in time. For senior Jackson Kane, who plays tight end and linebacker, coping with the loss of his senior season has been a harsh blow. "Being able to go onto the field one last time with my best friends is extremely important to me," Kane said. "It's terrible to watch them go through all of this pain and me go through all of this pain."
  • Even as the nation reached a dark milestone this week with 500,000 deaths connected to COVID-19, there was some light looking forward. Providence Portland announced yesterday it has no COVID-19 patients in its critical care unit for the first time in a year. Oregon Health Authority data has shown a steep drop in hospitalizations over the past three months. "It's a light at the end of the tunnel that maybe it won't be like this every day forever," said Elissa Reinhart, a nurse in Providence Portland's critical care unit.

Fisherman who died after boat capsized on Oregon Coast remembered for big heart

Todd Chase, one of two people who died this weekend when their boat capsized while trying to cross the Tillamook bar, was known for being the ultimate friend. “He was my anchor, he was the glue that held us together and was one of the best men I knew," said Angeline Chase, Todd’s wife. READ MORE

Oregon entrepreneur invents substance that gives visual proof a surface is disinfected enough to kill COVID-19

The name of the product is AllClir. It's a pH-activated compound printed on cardboard-like coasters and stickers for businesses to show customers and employees the area is safe. READ MORE

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