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3 things you need to know Friday

Shipment delay of COVID-19 vaccine doses has clinics scrambling; infant boy among COVID-19 deaths reported in Oregon; volunteers clear storm debris around Mt. Tabor

Shipment delay of 67K vaccine doses for Oregon sends some clinic organizers scrambling

A weather-related shipment delay in the Moderna vaccine coming out of Tennessee has kept 67,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from reaching all parts of Oregon this week, leaving vaccination clinic organizers racing to find backup supplies or reschedule clinics to next week. In the Portland area, Multnomah County health officials said the delay won't have an impact because they have enough vaccine doses on hand. But in Hood River, the delay forced the postponement of a large clinic planned to open Friday. And Lincoln County had to reschedule clinics set for Wednesday and Thursday. “This is one of those situations where there was absolutely nothing that we could have done about it," said Lincoln County public health spokeswoman Susan Trachsel. "What happens across the country is going to affect us too." READ MORE

'It's just heartbreaking': Infant boy among COVID-19 deaths reported in Oregon

The death of an infant due to COVID-19 is extremely rare. In Oregon, this is the first death of a child 9 or younger. Nationwide, children 4 and younger account for less than 0.1% of the 489,000 deaths. READ MORE

'Help your neighbor out': Brother and sister team up to clear storm debris around Mt. Tabor

Lief White and his sister, Michelle Judson, own Why Wait Construction. They, along with their employees, spent the past two days voluntarily clearing fallen trees and other storm debris from neighbors' yards. READ MORE

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