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3 things to know Monday

COVID variants and children; nonprofit damaged by vandals; 'tarpees' go up in Portland

Coronavirus variants are more contagious. What does that mean for kids?

Coronavirus cases are slowly rising in Oregon again, and one reason may be more contagious variants of the COVID-19 virus. Earlier in the pandemic, children were not major players in spreading the virus and they didn't get very sick. Now states, including Oregon, are seeing a small rise in the share of new cases in kids between 10 and 19. Dr. Corey Fish, chief medical officer and pediatrician with Brave Care, said kids are more likely to catch variants than the original strain but the evidence doesn't show kids are getting any sicker from the variants. The majority of children, especially under 12 years old, only get mild symptoms from COVID. READ MORE

Nonprofit aiding people with chronic illness damaged by vandals

A large window was smashed at the Southeast Portland office of Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus this weekend. The vandalism may have been intended for the business next door, Rapid Response, which has been targeted in the past. READ MORE

Portland activists use 'tarpees' to house homeless

The activists who put up the tall, white triangular tents along the Peninsula Crossing Trail in North Portland say the looming presence of the tarpees sends a message: Portland needs to think outside the box if it hopes to end its housing crisis. READ MORE

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