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Here are the 10 Oregon ZIP codes that had the most new COVID-19 cases last week

Although the areas listed saw noticeable increases, the Oregon Health Authority noted cases statewide declined by 8% last week.
Credit: KGW
Map of areas in Oregon that had the most COVID-19 cases during the week of Aug. 24-30.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Data from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) shows some of the largest COVID-19 spikes last week were in Eastern Oregon and Marion County.

In its weekly report published Wednesday, OHA updated the breakdown of cases across the state by ZIP code. The data is current as of 11 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30. For the third consecutive week, the Ontario area, in Malheur County, saw the biggest spike: 97914 had 107 new cases.

Malheur County is one of five counties on Oregon’s COVID-19 watch list. The list allows the state to prioritize resources, including contact tracing help, in the counties where the virus is spreading more rapidly and health officials cannot trace cases to a known source. Untraced cases, known as sporadic cases, are a marker of coronavirus spreading in a community. Counties with a sporadic case rate of at least 5% over a two-week period have a rapid community spread, according to the governor’s office.

Earlier this week, the Malheur County Health Department expressed concern over the COVID-19 policies in Idaho and the impact those less-restrictive measures, which includes no mask mandates along the border with Malheur County, could be having on the spread of the virus.

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Also in Eastern Oregon, Umatilla County accounted for three of the six ZIP codes with the most new coronavirus cases.

Credit: KGW
ZIP codes in Umatilla County with a spike in COVID-19 cases during the week of Aug. 24-30

Of the 10 ZIP codes with the most new cases, three were in Marion County. Those ZIP codes, 97071, 97305 and 97301, also had high case count numbers two weeks ago.

Credit: KGW
Map of the ZIP codes in Marion County and the Portland metro area with a high weekly COVID-19 case count increase

Here’s a look at the 10 ZIP codes with the most new cases:

  • 97914 (Ontario, Malheur County): 107 new cases (from 787 to 894 total cases)
  • 97071 (Woodburn, Marion County): 101 (777 to 878)
  • 97305 (Northeast of Salem, Marion County): 53 (577 to 630)
  • 97801 (Pendleton, Umatilla County): 40 (478 to 518)
  • 97838 (Hermiston, Umatilla County): 39 (1410 to 1449)
  • 97882 (Umatilla, Umatilla County): 38 (348 to 386)
  • 97236 (Centennial, Multnomah County): 34 (645 to 679)
  • 97501 (Medford, Jackson County): 33 (260 to 293)
  • 97123 (Hillsboro, Washington County): 33 (471 to 504)
  • 97301 (Salem, Marion County): 32 (587 to 619)

Here’s a look at the 11 ZIP codes with the highest increase of cases by percentage:

  • 97535 (Phoenix, Jackson County): 45% (11 to 16 total cases)
  • 97378 (Sheridan, Yamhill County): 41% (17 to 24)
  • 97420 (Coos Bay, Coos County): 32% (34 to 45)
  • 97423 (Coquille, Coos County): 30% (10 to 13)
  • 97524 (Eagle Point, Jackson County): 25% (31 to 39)
  • 97525 (Gold Hill, Jackson County): 23% (13 to 16)
  • 97362 (Mount Angel, Marion County): 22% (35 to 43)
  • 97352 (Jefferson, Marion County): 21% (14 to 17)
  • 97448 (Junction City, Lane County): 20% (10 to 12)
  • 97404 (Eugene, Lane County): 19% (42 to 50)
  • 97351 (Independence, Polk County): 19% (63 to 75)

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Although the areas listed above saw noticeable increases, OHA noted in its weekly report that cases statewide decreased 8% from the week before. The 1,704 known cases during the week of Aug. 24-30 was the lowest weekly case count since the end of June, OHA said. The positive test rate also dropped to 4.4% last week, the lowest proportion in two months, according to OHA.

While there’s been progress in limiting the spread of the virus, Oregon still has a long way to go before benchmarks to resume in-person classes are hit. Experts said the average amount of daily cases would need to about 60. During the week of Aug. 24-30, Oregon averaged 246 cases a day.

OHA also reported there were 73 active workplace outbreaks in the state, and 114 workplace outbreaks that were resolved.

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