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Oregon and Washington put businesses on notice: Require masks or face fines

Both Oregon and Washington now have enhanced rules that require businesses to insist customers wear masks, or not serve them.

VANCOUVER, Wash. — The governors in both Oregon and Washington are taking steps to make sure people comply with mask requirements, by holding businesses accountable.

Oregon started checking business compliance this past holiday weekend. Oregon liquor control agents spot-checked businesses, to make sure they required face coverings where appropriate. We expect to hear results of their effort as early as Tuesday.

In Washington, the signs are going up, saying Tuesday, July 7 is the day businesses must go "no mask, no service." That’s when it will be illegal to serve any customers not wearing a face covering.

In Vancouver, Wash. The Donut Nook was already asking customers to wear masks, before the new requirements. Now the restaurant will need to demand it.

"People have been pretty good about wearing them, and we had to remind some people and let some people know you can't come in without wearing one starting tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to playing that role," said manager Danielle Pomeroy. "But hopefully people will keep being understanding."

Plenty of regulars come back for donuts; Russ Harris is one of them, happy to sport his homemade mask, in the same design as the masks he’s made for his grandchildren.

"I know a lot of people say that, 'I ain't wearing any mask.' Well then don't come around, it's just that simple," said Harris.

Across Northeast St. Johns Road is Handy Andy. The gas station and small grocery store also does a lot of local business.

"Our neighborhood, it's like one big family. 99% of our customer base is a returning customer base. And if you let them know once, they're very mindful of our employees or everybody else that comes in," said owner Karanbir Singh.

Signh said he has seen mask wearing inside his store go from 25 or 30% early on, to 85 or 90% now. Some of the few we saw without masks Monday will have to join the majority on Tuesday, or leave, due to the governor's order. Not everyone likes that.

"I think that’s some hypocrisy personally, and I feel as an American it’s my right to wear one or not wear one. But obviously, that’s his mandate so I’ll do what [the governor] says," said Austin Langham, who added he didn’t want businesses to get in trouble.

Singh will insist everyone mask up; he's a business owner with a degree in molecular biology.

"With my science background I think this is 110% the right thing to do.  Everybody has to do their part; we all have to make sacrifices, and this is nothing compared with what our health care workers have to do on a day to day basis."

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