PORTLAND, Ore. — A big question is how the coronavirus and recent ban on events of 250 or more people in Oregon will impact our everyday lives.

KGW asked state officials and health experts some common questions about how to stay safe during daily activities as the virus continues to spread.

Are weddings included in the ban?

All events with 250 people are more are included in Gov. Kate Brown’s newly announced ban including weddings, concerts and marathons.

The ban does not include stores, shopping centers or schools.

Brown said at a news conference Thursday that weddings with less than 250 people may want to limit elderly or at-risk guests from attending for their safety.

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Is it safe to go grocery shopping?

Consumer Reports recommended people stay six feet away from other shoppers and wipe down a cart before and after use.

Shoppers can also choose to go to the store when it’s less busy. An easy way to find out when a store has the highest foot traffic is by typing in the stores and location into a Google search.

Customers should also use a credit or debit card at the register to avoid exchanging money.

Should I still use public transportation?

An official with the Oregon Health Authority said transportation agencies, including TriMet, have increased their cleaning procedures over coronavirus concerns.

Health officials also strongly recommend maintaining at least 3 feet of space on board a train or bus during this pandemic, although some riders say that's not possible.

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