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3 things you need to know this Tuesday

Debate over school reopening intensifies; hospital leaders on challenges of administering COVID-19 vaccine; family loses both grandfathers to COVID-19 minutes apart

Oregon hospital leaders discuss the challenges of administering the COVID-19 vaccine

Oregon has been among the slowest in the nation to get the COVID-19 vaccine into the arms of people who want it. Out of 190,000 doses sent to the state, roughly 51,000 people have been vaccinated. Yesterday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to make sure there are at least 12,000 COVID-19 vaccinations administered daily by Jan. 22. So, why is it taking so long? Dr. John McCreary, vice president of medical affairs at Legacy Health in Portland, said it's more difficult than one might think. "It’s really a complex issue to distribute this particular vaccine," McCreary said. "From every step of the process, from receiving it and putting it in storage, thawing it, distributing it to our sites, to deliver, it's been a challenge." READ MORE

Debate intensifies as Oregon school districts take control of reopening plans

Gresham-Barlow teacher Doug Robertson acknowledged that the COVID-19 death toll isn't as high in children, but asked: "How many dead students are worth it? How many dead colleagues should I be OK with?" READ MORE

Family loses two grandfathers to COVID-19 minutes apart on eve of Thanksgiving

"For it to be within minutes of each other was shocking and surreal," said granddaughter Vanessa Lee. The family said they hope people will help keep each other safe so other families can be spared similar heartache. READ MORE

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