Social media made her do it.

Nina Krueger was scrolling through her Facebook page Tuesday night when she was inspired to help search for a 14-year-old Olympia girl who had been reported missing.

She ended up locating the teen and reuniting her with her family.

“I had nothing to do, why not?” said Krueger, "As a mom...I would want people to go out and search for my child also."

Along with calling for searchers and bloodhounds, Thurston County Sheriff’s Office put out a Facebook post asking for tips locating the girl with autism, who didn’t get on the school bus after class.

The posting, which was shared more than 6,700 times and reached 130,000 people, prompted Krueger, who lives near Olympia High School, to get in her car.

“I was in my PJs, with my dog in the car, and we just drove the streets,” said Krueger, who did not know the girl, but has a senior at Olympia High School.

She said she told herself she’d search for an hour, and just as the hour wrapped up, she spotted the teen walking just a block away from the campus, uninjured.

Krueger said she couldn’t believe she found the girl.

"A little in shock, a little scared, but once the student was reunited, it was the best thing ever," said Krueger.