A star is born out of Edmonds, Washington. 

One mom fed up with too many snow days put her feelings into song with a cover of the hit song 'Shallow' from the movie A Star Is Born

Stephanie Nelson said the song kept running through her head after watching the film, which stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper as artists with a complicated relationship. When she saw the song on the Grammy's, Nelson joked that Gaga was her spirit animal. 

So after days of being cooped up in the snow with no school for her daughter, Nelson sat down at her piano and put her woes into words.  

She said the lyrics flowed out in about 10 minutes and she recorded a version of the cover to share with friends. 

Nelson shared her video and the lyrics with KING 5 — just as she received the "dreaded text" that school in Edmonds would be canceled yet again on Thursday. 

After you watch the video here, scroll below to read her lyrics! 

Here are the lyrics:  

Tell me something, snow. 

Aren’t you tired of keeping us indoors? 

Or will you fall more? 

Ain’t it hard keeping it so darn cold? 

I’m losing my mind. 

If schools canceled again, I’ll find myself longing for some space. 

Stuck in the house for like the millionth time. 

I’m off the deep end! Watch as I lose it! I’m trapped in my house again!!!!  

I’m out of coffee!  And that’s terrifying!!! 

We’re far from the summer now!!!  

Trapped in my house, trapped in my house again!!!!!  

Trapped in my house, trapped in my house again! 

Trapped in my house, trapped in my house again!  

We’re far from the summer now. 

Her performance might give you chills, and not just because it's so darn cold out. Stephanie Nelson tells KING 5 that she pursued a singing career after college, but now works at a law firm and sings mainly at church. 

See some of her earlier songs on Stephanie's YouTube page