Harbor seals aren't a rare sight around the Northwest, but you've probably never seen one stuck in a log.

That's exactly what Roy and Carol Spires discovered at Camano Island State Park earlier this month, according to Washington State Parks and Recreation officials.

The Spires called park staff to help rescue the animal.

When park staff arrived they realized that the mammal, who they lovingly named Winnie (think Winnie the Pooh getting his head stuck in a honey jar), had one thing going for it. The log it was stuck in was cedar, which splits easily.

“With some good old-fashioned teamwork, staff inserted a wedge and were able to split the log and free 'Winnie!'” the parks department said in a blog post.

Winnie didn't waste any time, and immediately got back in the water and swam away.

“We'd like to think 'Winnie' is out there swimming happily—and perhaps a little less inclined to poke its head where it ought not to!”

See more photos of Winnie's rescue here.