PORTLAND, Ore. — Seeing images of the damage inflicted in Houston and the surrounding images is bringing back memories of 2005 and New Orleans for Portland chef Anh Luu.

Harvey continues to slam Texas with record-breaking rain. What was once a category four hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it's still doing indescribable damage.

"I was looking at all the footage, pictures of Houston and Corpus Christi, and all that stuff and it's bringing back all the Katrina memories," Luu said. "It's hard not to get emotional about it because it changed my whole life."

Luu moved to Portland in 2009, four years after she and her family lost everything during Hurricane Katrina. She's now a chef at her Northeast Portland restaurant Tapalaya, which serves Creole and Vietnamese dishes.

Reminders of New Orleans line the walls and fill the air of the restaurant.

Luu was only 19 when Katrina landed.

“The morning before the hurricane, me and my family evacuated Sunday morning. It hit on a Monday morning,” said Luu. They each packed a bag, expecting they'd be back soon.

But it was months before they were allowed to return home. Even then, it wasn't be the same.

“My house got 15 feet of water,” Luu said.

More than most, she understands what's happening in Texas.

Luu said the work that comes next is what she's most worried about. “The aftermath is so much worse than the thing that happened,” she said.

That's why she has a message for those who are moved by the images they see of the devastation in Texas.

“Find any way to help," she said.

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