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Fewer than normal 90 degree days this summer

Fewer than normal 90 degree days this summer

Back in June, I wrote an article stating that Portland would likely see fewer than normal 90 degree days this summer. The forecast was based on historical data showing less than the average of 13, 90 degree days, when PDX did not reach 90 until after June 10th. This year's first 90 degree day was June 28th. To date, the warmest temperatures this summer has been 97 degrees on June 30th. The airport has recorded seven, 90 degree days so far this summer.

Current forecast models show no chance of 90 degree heat through August 31st. At this time, there are no signs of a hot September. The latest date to see 90 degrees in Portland, was October 5th back in 1980. While it is true that record highs during September are mostly 90 or higher, the record number of 90 degree days for any one September is 8 back in 1974. The average number of 90 degree September days is two.

Based on current data, it is unlikely that PDX will see more than 4 additional 90 degree days, which would give the summer of 2013 a total of 11 days, which would be two days below normal. I hope you are enjoying our pleasant summer weather!

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