PORTLAND, Ore. – Families from Puerto Rico now living in Oregon are asking for donations, to help people living in Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria battered the area.

Hurricane Maria devastated the community, and left chaos in Puerto Rico, says Gabriela Rodriguez, who has family in Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez, other family members and friends, are holding a donation drive at Broad Space in southeast Portland, located at 425 SE 3rd Avenue, Unit 305. They are holding this donation drive until Sunday at 4pm. And will hold it again, next weekend at the same location, Saturday the 30th and Sunday, Octover 1st, 11am-4pm.

Right now, families are facing flooding, loss of power and water, and destruction of homes. “Some, we can’t get in contact with,” said Rodriguez. “Others lost their homes, others are in a very difficult situation, so we are just trying to do what we can here in Oregon to gather everybody together and help out.”

To help with shipping costs, visit their GoFundMe.

If you want to donate at the Broad Space site, she says they are looking to gather the following:

- first aid kits
- canned food/dry non perishable food
- canned milk
- mosquito repelant
- pet food
- tooth paste
- deodorant
- soap
- hand sanitizer
- baby wipes
- diapers
- baby formula
- blankets
- towels
- Pillows
- tarps
- extension cords
- safety glasses
- baby/adult pain relief medicine
- baby/adult stomach/diarrhea medicine
- candles
- solar chargers
- flashlights
- batteries
- Rope
- Garbage bags