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Everything we know about Disney+'s WandaVision so far

Get caught up with me before the new episode of WandaVision airs on Disney+ on Friday! Also, be scarred by a baby picture of Vision with me.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Remember when I said I thought episode 4 of WandaVision was a doosie? Well, episode 5 happened and I take it all back. Episode 5 was nuts and I was not ready! 

SPOILERS AHEAD (I've warned you).

On my YouTube channel, Nerd News with Destiny, I've been reviewing each episode, doing a little recap and covering the things that we know, don't know and then I've been wildly speculating about what might be going on based on my eternal love for Wanda Maximoff.

I'll give you a little rundown, but if you want more information and my thoughts on witches and why I think there may be a pivotal Fantastic Four/Dr. Doom tie into the show you should check out the full video on YouTube.

Here are things we know since episode 4

  • We're in the 80s
  • Wanda's magic doesn't work on her twins 
  • Agnes (their neighbor) is in on everything
  • Vision's baby photos are absolutely haunting
  • Billy and Tommy age from babies, to 5 to 10
  • We do not deserve FBI agent James "Jimmy" Woo
  • Monica was under Wanda's mind control in WestView
  • Monica's labs and x-rays are strangely inconclusive
  • We don't like Director Hayward
  • The MCU changed Wanda's age (in comics we call this a retcon no one asked for)
  • S.W.O.R.D. isn't interested in saving Wanda
  • S.W.O.R.D. finally understands what the fans have known all along: Wanda is manipulating reality
  • Vision knows and also has powers of his own
  • Wanda is getting overwhelmed
  • Wanda knows S.W.O.R.D. is outside and monitoring her
  • Vision doesn't condone this world and is upset with Wanda
  • Only NINE days have passed
  • Billy and Tommy are real, according to Monica
  • For some reason, we got the worst Pietro (Evan Peters from the Fox X-Men franchise) back

What we think we know (time to speculate wildly)

  • Monica Rambeau is a mutant called Spectrum
  • The twins, Billy and Tommy, have magic of their own
  • Agnes (the neighbor) is the super old and powerful witch named Agatha Harkness
  • Hayward might be Hydra
  • Something happened with Captain Marvel
  • The S.W.O.R.D. footage of Wanda recovering Vision's body is fake
  • Wanda is not capable of bringing people back from the dead entirely
  • Wanda is losing her control
  • Wanda wants help but she can't fully trust due to the long list of things in her life that would give literally anyone PTSD
  • Fantastic Four / Dr. Doom tie in via Agatha Harkness

Questions we're left with for now

  • Is Vision alive or dead?
  • Are the twins actually real?
  • Are the twins and Monica mutants?
  • Are we stuck with the worse Pietro? A.K.A. Peter Maximoff?
  • Is Agnes a friend or foe?

I am thoroughly enjoying WandaVision and I hope that you are too. Wanda Maximoff is my favorite Marvel character and I remember being very disappointed by her characterization, or lack thereof, in the Marvel films, but I think this show is doing a great job with her. (Besides the fact that they completely ignored her Romani and Jewish heritage.)

I wanna hear what you're thinking about the show so far! Are you excited for the Loki and Falcon and Winter Soldier shows coming to Disney+ later this year? Hit me up on Twitter @hello_destiny and follow me on TikTok at Nerd_News, I'd love to hear from you! As always, I would be grateful if you subscribed to Nerd News with Destiny for all the nerd news you need.