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3 things you need to know this Monday

Opponents speak out against in-person learning; Mt. Hood Meadows cracking down on face masks; Sirens in Depoe Bay prompt tsunami scare

Parents, teachers opposed to reopening schools put up flags outside Oregon school district offices

Those against resuming in-person learning put up 500 flags outside various school district offices yesterday, to symbolize the educators and students killed by COVID-19 nationwide. "I believe if districts cave it's going to be a lot worse," said Ari Bubbett, whose first-grader experiences disabilities. However, many support the move back to in-person learning. "This is cause for celebration," said Rene Gonzalez, a parent and advocate for reopening in-person learning, after Gov. Brown announced last month that the state's school reopening guidance would now be a recommendation instead of mandatory. KGW reached out to several local school districts yesterday and heard back from a handful about their plans for reopening schools. READ MORE

Mount Hood Meadows cracking down on those not wearing masks

The popular ski resort is warning riders if they do not wear a mask that covers both the face and mouth in compliance with state COVID-19 restrictions, they will risk getting their pass suspended. READ MORE

Sirens for high wind warning cause tsunami scare in coastal Oregon town

Sirens blaring Saturday morning in Depoe Bay led some residents to believe a tsunami was heading their way. The town's public messaging system is intended to be used for all hazards, not specifically tsunamis, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. READ MORE

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