PORTLAND, Ore. -- Taking pictures of the upcoming solar eclipse will take a bit of preparation for your camera.

You need to get a special solar filter lens to put over the front of your camera. It will protect the sensor that captures the images inside.

“So you’re exposing that sensor to the light that’s coming through the lens. And that sensor is much like your eyes you want to protect that from harmful rays when you’re pointing it directly at the sun,” said professional photographer Craig Mitchelldyer.

He said it’s important to protect your camera lens and your eyes.

“If you’re looking through the camera into the sun, that’s gonna make that more, much more intense into your eyes,” he said.

Many experts suggest looking only at your camera’s flip out screen if you have one.

Take a quick look at YouTube and you'll see several videos explaining how to protect your camera, step by step.

You will also find a wide range of eclipse lenses on Amazon.

The experts at Portland’s Pro Photo Supply also warn you can damage your lens pointing it at the eclipse without protection.

“Its sort of like a magnifying glass if you were using it to create fire or heat something up. That’s what happens to the optics inside your lens,” said Devon Flores, Pro Photo Sales Manager.

“I think more importantly, you can melt the glue and the things that are holding everything together inside the lens. So that, I would be really concerned about,” she said.

Finally, the experts agreed that pointing your phone’s camera at the eclipse can damage it. You can buy solar eclipse paper to put over the lens but the image will be very small even on full zoom.

The experts I talked with said you are better off taking pictures of the people around you with your phone, or even leaving it in your pocket and absorbing the eclipse experience.