PORTLAND, Ore. -- Looking for a rental car to view the eclipse in Oregon? Good luck.

A call to Enterprise Rentals found vehicles sold out in nearly the entire Greater Portland area, including the airport.

An agent did spot some vehicles still available in Beaverton. KGW asked for price quotes if we picked up the vehicle Thursday, Aug. 17 and returned it Aug. 22.

Rates for that time period were $392 for small car, $431 for midsize and $496 for large. The agent said most locations near the path of totality appeared to be sold out across the country.

Hertz spokeswoman Lauren Luster confirms her company is also sold out on rental cars in the greater Portland area. The company last week admitted they accidently overbooked their vehicles.

Luster said additional cars were brought in from outside the area. "We will be fulfilling all existing reservations," she said.

Avis car rental was also sold out of vehicles around Portland

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